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Healthcare is an industry moving increasingly towards sharing medical knowledge patient records and clinical expertise, across geographical boundaries. Innovative healthcare enterprises are embracing the Internet and other technologies to reach new markets, increase revenue and lower costs.

The advantages of sharing this information are well-known and understood. However, the actual implementation of such plans have been obstructed by the traditional problems of cost, last mile connectivity, bandwidth availability and network performance and reliability issues.

Take for instance, a hospital wanting to connect its clinics in an area. Traditionally, this is possible only if the locality is wired sufficiently and there are cables reaching the individual clinics. Even then, there would be speed and reliability issues. Add to this, the relevant cost in terms of expenses and time, most hospitals may shy away from the idea itself. In the case of rural areas, this possibility diminishes even further.

smartBridges offers a cost-effective, reliable solution for healthcare enterprises. Using smartBridges airPoint PRO and airBridge series products, it is possible to employ the utility of wireless connectivity to serve patients and doctors alike, in and around hospitals and clinics, bridging the communication gap between healthcare organizations.


High-performance connectivity

Supporting bandwidth-intensive applications, such as streaming video and the sharing of x-ray and other large imaging files

* Mobility
* Low cost, quick deployment
* Proven Outdoor weatherproof performance
* High availability and reliability
* Built in security (WEP), with support for additional security
* High scalability of equipment – can connect many users within each specific hospital/clinic

Wireless links are ideal for connecting multiple buildings together within a large hospital campus environment. Wireless links can also be used to connect remote clinics to larger clinics or hospitals, giving medical professionals and patients in outlying areas access to expertise and resources that may not be available locally.

Benefits to healthcare enterprises

Healthcare Enterprises benefit in three distinct ways by deploying smartBridges Solutions;

Easy to Deploy!
Driverless Plug N play installation makes smartBridges the optimum choice for wireless deployment .With its strong experience in wireless networks, smartBridges ensures a design to support a quick configuration and deployment of the airBridge and the airPoint Series.
smartBridges also provides a special software solution -simpleDeployTM , which further lowers the deployment cost by enabling mass configuration of the wireless LAN equipment to the network’ default settings. This saves cost and time by reducing time on site for deployment and resetting a CPE.
simpleDeploy™ is a Windows based application to configure the smartBridges radios with the default operating parameters. The one-click configuration of the device simplifies the field installations and result in significant cost reduction of the deployment costs. This automated method helps bring in consistency in the installations, reduce deployment time and improve quality

* Less time to implement – Saves Money
* Lowered cost of configuration and deployment

Easy to Monitor!
Each and every device belonging to the airBridge and airPoint family on the network can be remotely monitored using the simple Monitor. All the devices on the network can be constantly monitored remotely, providing privacy to the users. simpleMonitorTM
is a SNMP based remote monitoring utility, provided by smartBridges for monitoring the smartBridges network devices and links.

* Quick to respond to network issues
* Better service and increased customer loyalty through better privacy and performance

Easy to Manage
simpleNMS further scales up the manageability of the network by enabling the mass upgrade and remote management of the remote smartBridges devices. It provides an eye into the network, showing its internal functioning.

* Dramatically lowered cost of upgrade and management
* Removes the need for truck roll outs to each CPE location for upgrades

simpleNMS™ enables you to manage, troubleshoot and configure smartBridges Access Points, Indoor and Outdoor Client devices (CPE) easily, cost-effectively, and remotely from anywhere in the world. You can Control, Update and Configure the network devices via a single Graphical User Interface (GUI) to view the network in a topological view.

The software helps manage either individual or a group of devices.

Security is of paramount importance in healthcare, since it is critical to both doctors and patients to have medical data securely stored/transferred. With smartBridges solutions, it is possible to have a firm layer of security on the network itself. This is because of

* MAC based authentication
* 64 to 128 bit WEP support to encrypt data
* Ability to disable client-to-client communication
* Ability to integrate with higher security measures like a VPN



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