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smartBridges Solution for Security

Governments and organizations all over the world are implementing new security measures, whether at corporate offices, airports, hospitals, or even in trucks on the road. The success of any security solution depends on technology that improves accountability and streamlines inefficient processes, yet offers secure mobility and access at the point-of-activity. From public safety needs to business continuity, smartBridges offers superior technology and practical solutions to meet the needs of many industry-specific security initiatives.

Why wireless?

* Quick Deployment to cover entire areas
* Easy to install equipment
* Mobility of equipment across users, across geographies
* Reliability and high availability
* High Speed Channel for enabling heavy data transfers

Transportation Security Administration

Scenario 1 - Highway monitoring

n the USA many Police Departments plan to install multiple wireless local area networks (WLANs) at police stations throughout the city and the highway.

The Police car is equipped Wireless LAN setup. The cars will have airBridge with an External antenna that communicate in the unlicensed 2.4-GHz band with airPoint PRO Outdoor access points installed in police stations at a data rate of 11 megabits per second-far faster than the 19.2-kilobits-per-second throughput in the existing network.


* Criminal Tracing - Easy and quick to distribute graphic images such as mug shots and maps to officers in real time. Currently, mug shots are distributed on paper at the roll call for each shift.
* Children safety -The WLAN system could also provide a fast way to distribute photos of lost children.
* Quick ROI as officers save valuable time and resources
* Increased faith in the Police Force

Scenario 2 School and Universities Security

With thousands of students studying at the world's leading universities, many academic institutions are ensuring a safer, more conducive learning environment for their students. Using a Wireless LAN technology, educational institutions can check identification cards to improve the efficiency of campus security. With handheld computers, security officers can easily communicate information to and from the school network over smartBridges Wireless LAN network, quickly identifying any security breaches on campus and notifying the appropriate administrators.

From public safety needs to business continuity, smartBridges offers superior technology and practical solutions to meet the needs of many industry-specific security initiatives.


* Campus security officers can also stay in closer contact with each other.
* Enable emergency information exchange.
* Provide real-time large file transfers to assist in investigations.
* Support wireless monitoring systems and remotely accessed cameras.

Gas Line Monitoring

Monitoring the gas line has been a major task. For years the security officers and technicians have relied upon hard-copy maps and microfiche to identify and determine locations of transmission and distribution pipes. Today with the help of wireless LAN entire gas line can be monitored from a centralized place. In case of any damage or leakage, wireless LAN enabled transducers and cameras will send the information to nearest Access point and the information will be available to control center.

airBridge series can be used connect the web-cam for monitoring purpose and an airPoint PRO Outdoor can be used as a Access point for a large area. The airPoint Pro can also provide the information and alarms to the field staff. Security staff at the field can receive the location map and details about any damage. It also enables improved responsiveness to urgent or immediate requests through instant availability of information to the security team.


* Highly reliable connectivity
* Inherently secure solution
* High Speed Access to monitoring and control parameters
* Mobility of equipment provides significant cost benefits during instrumentation changes



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