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smartBridges Solutions for MDUs/MTUs

The Broadband Equation!
Today’s closely knit metropolitan areas and suburbs boast numerous facilities for tenants and prospective buyers. Among the top priorities on that list comes Broadband Internet. It is no longer a mere fashion to have Broadband. Today, Broadband is a necessity.

Despite its fast growing popularity, many MDUs/MTUs are worried about the perceived returns on their investment. Broadband access remains a dream to many, even today. The core reasons – prohibitive costs of deploying wired accesses to broadband.
In traditional apartment complexes, the cost of wiring and cabling for providing Broadband is so prohibitive that many opt to go without it.

This however deters prospective tenants and buyers in a society where Broadband has become a way of life!

The Smart Solution- Go Wireless!
smartBridges offers an innovative solution to this problem, which would in turn enhance the value of existing apartment complexes looking towards broadband provisioning and similarly for new and developing complexes. The wireless solution offered by smartBridges seeks significantly less one time investments and little or no recurring costs.

Top thoughts when proving such a service in apartments are

1. Quick ROI
2. Quick, Easy Deployment
3. Mobility of Equipment
4. Remote Manageability

Best-Fit Solution
smartBridges helps MDUs/MTUs deploy wireless networks, quickly and efficiently. Our solutions provide tremendous cost savings, ease of installation, strong customer retention and loyalty, and easy management.

The airBridge series from smartBridges provides the integrator with an entire suite of customer premise equipment (CPE) to choose from. This gives added flexibility for deployment.

airPoint Series Professional Access Points expand the coverage area of the ISP. Their strong performance and ruggedness makes them an invaluable investment for any WISP


smartBridges provides the only solution in the market today, which makes it possible to do a self-install on the equipment. With our advanced tools, our customers can remotely configure the devices and then hand it over to the subscriber. All that the subscriber has to do is mount the equipment to home and get connected instantaneously.

Network Design and Configuration
The above benefits are illustrated in the following schematic representation

This is a schematic representation of an apartment complex. It explains the network setup providing Broadband access to the residents of the complex.

The airBridge unit located in the window of each apartment functions as the customer premise equipment. It connects each apartment to the airPoint PRO access points, located in the lobbies. These in turn uplink the signal to the units of airPoint PRO Outdoor, which are located in nearby parking lots and cover the entire building with their beams.

The unique design from smartBridges makes it possible to achieve extended coverage for the apartments using fewer access points than seen with most other products.

Benefits to MDUs/MTUs

Easy deployment
Driverless Plug N play installation makes airBridge the optimum choice for deployment in each home, using different computers. airBridge and the airPoint Series support and enable a quick configuration and deployment, reducing the roll-out time for the project and cutting various costs incurred otherwise

Significantly Reduced Investment
The Superior design of the smartBridges solution lowers the investment providing broadband to the entire apartment complex. This happens due to

* Deployment of lower number of Access Points
* Avoiding wiring/cabling costs for the apartments – a huge saving in itself!

Instant Broadband Readiness
Accomplishing very quick installation of the wireless LAN, the time to market for the apartments is very less. This directly leads to business benefits for attracting potential buyers and enhances the experience.

simpleDeploy further lowers the deployment cost of the WISP by enabling mass configuration of the wireless LAN equipment to the network specific default settings. This saves cost and time fore the WISP by lower time on site for deployment and resetting a CPE.

* Less time to implement – Saves Money and wins customers!
* Lowered cost of configuration and deployment

Monitor and Configure Remotely!
Each and every device belonging to the airBridge and airPoint family on the WISP’s network can be remotely monitored using the simple Monitor. The ConfigPC at the WISP’s NOC can manage/monitor all the Access points & airBridge devices using simpleNMS. This also makes it possible to ensure privacy for the tenants of the apartment, causing them very little disturbance. This leads to

* Quick to respond to network issues
* Better service and increased customer loyalty

Simple NMS further scales up the manageability of the WISPs network by enabling the mass upgrade and remote management of the remote smartBridges devices. It provides the WISP an eye into the network, showing its internal functioning.

* Dramatically reduced cost of upgrade and management
* Remote “Eye” to the network



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