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Security & Surveillance

When Wireless is the Only Alternative
More and more organizations today are seeking to install video cameras in remote locations to help them monitor operations from afar and ensure their safety and security. These organizations include police or fire departments in charge of homeland security, shopping centers involved in corporate security, or even news stations that provide around-the-clock coverage of unfolding events.

Oftentimes, these organizations are being challenged to install video surveillance in areas that are physically hard to reach, or too expensive to reach via traditional leased lines or fiber.
To meet the needs of organizations requiring real-time video surveillance capabilities - wireless broadband is the answer.

24x7 Video Surveillance – Anywhere, Anytime
RADWIN’s WinLink 1000 point-to-point solution can be set up and deployed instantly. The solution transcends physical and geographical boundaries, and transmits real time video and data from one remote location to an organization’s central control office - at distances of up to 80km/50 mi.

Based on WinLink’s plug-and-play nature, organizations can set up a virtually unlimited number of units, even in the most difficult urban locations and rough terrains. Unlike wireline connections, WinLink 1000 can be relocated and redeployed quickly when needed - with no added expense.

Today, some WinLink 1000 real life applications include:

• Cameras installed across a university campus relay high bandwidth video to a campus security office;
• Video surveillance of a forest area, enabling immediate detection and response to forest fires.
• A TV network that temporarily set up surveillance cameras to cover a local conflict - transmitting video feeds to news stations around the world.

WinLink 1000 gives organizations the tools they need for remote video surveillance, whether in areas spanning a few kilometers - to areas encompassing thousands of square miles. Waterproof and resistant to the most extreme high and low temperatures, WinLink 1000 can be installed in under a day to give you the security and protection you need, when you need it.

The WinLink 1000 advantage:

  • Cost effective price – WinLink 1000 eliminates the high cost and slow rollout of leased lines or fiber.
  • Plug and play installation– WinLink 1000 is up and running in less than 1 day.
  • Quick redeployment – easy to relocate as needed.
  • High capacity – WinLink 1000 transmits up to 48 Mbps of data over long distances.
  • Robust – nothing stands in the way of WinLink 1000. The system can be deployed across difficult terrains in the harshest weather conditions.
  • Data security –Equipped with 128-bit key encryption scheme, WinLink 1000 ensures that sensitive surveillance information is always reliably and securely transmitted.


RADWIN Enables Forest Video Surveillance in Portugal (Case Study)


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