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Cellular Backhauling

RADWIN’s WinLink™ 1000 presents cellular operators with the first truly compelling solution for addressing backhauling challenges both in terms of price and performance. Virtually maintenance-free, the license-exempt wireless solution is capable of handling all voice and data backhaul traffic at just a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions.

The carrier-grade WinLink 1000 is quickly becoming the product of choice for service providers across the globe, and for good reason: it tackles all the must-have requirements that cellular operators typically stress as make-or-break issues, such as availability, range, reliability and quality. In addition, WinLink 1000 uses innovative technologies to deal with interference issues. This marks the first time that a license-exempt system can seamlessly operate even in the most crowded environments and serve cellular backhauling needs with optimal reliability while maintaining a highly competitive price.

WinLink 1000 is capable of delivering up to four E1s at carrier grade quality and complies with the stringent requirements for TDM traffic, providing cellular operators with a high quality backhaul solution that fulfills their needs. In addition, WinLink™ 1000 supports Ethernet services, enabling carriers to deliver management traffic or offer Ethernet services to fixed customers from the same site. In fact, WinLink 1000 is an ideal wireless alternative for cellular operators who need to address a wide variety of backhaul scenarios, including:

Rural connectivity – In remote and/or sparsely populated areas, the business case for deploying wireline or licensed wireless infrastructure is shaky at best. The WinLink 1000 license-exempt wireless system is simply the most cost-effective solution for meeting the demands of customers located in remote locations.

Transcending geographical boundaries – WinLink 1000 easily overcomes difficult topographies (mountains, rivers, canyons, etc.) and provides seamless rural connectivity over unlicensed airwaves. The utilization of OFDM technology enables deployment in NLOS scenarios as well.

Peak period relays – WinLink 1000 is geared to handle heavy peak traffic loads, enabling quick and cost-effective deployment of additional base stations for handling excess traffic.

Backup (1+1) – In the event of sudden network degradation or infrastructure damage there is no reason to suffer the consequences of costly downtime. WinLink 1000 is the ultimate backup system for all of your backhauling needs.

The WinLink 1000 Advantage

  • Unrivaled price - More competitive than any other wireline or wireless backhauling solution of similar performance levels.
  • Carrier grade performance - Designed for high reliability and robust performance in the harshest weather conditions and transmits faithfully over difficult terrain.
  • Voice and Data solution - Delivers both E1s/T1s and Ethernet services. A single link accounts for all your telephony and data needs.
  • Simple installation - Link is established and running in just hours.
  • Security – AES 128-bit key encryption scheme guarantees optimal over-the-air security.
  • Interference management – Automatically skips channels in a crowded environment.
  • Pay-as-you-grow - No large advance infrastructure expenditures necessary. Purchase new equipment as your network expands.
  • Future-proof & scalable – As traffic transport migrates from TDM to Ethernet, WinLink 1000 is poised to serve your needs both today and tomorrow.


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