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The Common Denominator
Universities, municipalities, hospitals - what these organizations have in common is their need for high performance connectivity between dispersed buildings. And while leased lines and fiber is an option – it is an expensive option.

For hospitals seeking to connect multiple buildings; universities that need to connect one faculty building to another; and municipalities that need to transparently link government agencies and offices across a metropolitan divide – the obvious solution is to go wireless.

When High Performance is a Must
Broadband wireless connectivity is the natural choice for organizations seeking to extend network coverage without paying the high monthly overhead of leased lines or fiber.

At the same time, these organizations cannot afford to compromise on the quality and performance of their communications. For hospitals charged with mission-critical tasks - downtime is simply not an option. Fast, reliable communications is also critical to ensure the smooth day-to-day operations of municipalities and universities.

With WinLink 1000, these organizations can reap the benefits of high performance connectivity, at a low cost of ownership. WinLink 1000 enables extending network coverage to distances of up to 80km/50mi, even in adverse environments. The solution also delivers unparalleled reliability, with low latency (less than 3 milliseconds for Ethernet connection) that guarantees high throughput.

In addition, WinLink 1000 gives hospitals, universities and municipalities the flexibility they need to keep pace with changes. A new building goes up? A government office is switching an address? The ability to set up a new link or reestablish one independently and with no delay delivers compelling value.

The WinLink 1000 Advantage:

  • Long range – WinLink 1000 connects multiple buildings with high-speed connections at distances of up to 80km/50mi.
  • Low cost of ownership – WinLink 1000 eliminates the high recurring costs of leased lines and fiber.
  • E1/T1 and Ethernet capabilities – the combined power of voice and data in one solution.
  • High performance – for organizations that cannot afford to compromise on performance, WinLink 1000 delivers consistent carrier-grade performance.
  • Flexibility – Whether a new building is being erected, or a hospital department is being relocated - WinLink 1000 enables to easily and independently reestablish a link.
  • Fast set-up time – WinLink 1000 is installed and running in less than 1 day.
  • Maximum security – For organizations dealing with mission-critical tasks, security is an imperative. Equipped with 128-bit key encryption scheme, WinLink 1000 helps organizations rest assured that their communications will in no way be intercepted.


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