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Broadband Access

Today’s small/medium enterprises might be relatively small in size, but the communications services they demand are no less diversified than those of larger corporations. From basic telephony to high-speed Internet and enhanced VPN services, SMEs are demanding low-cost/ high-performance access solutions. But that doesn’t mean that their link into the global communications backbone is necessarily guaranteed. Quite to the contrary, SMEs represent one of the most underserved market sectors on the communications landscape.

Whether they are established telecoms or competitive ISPS, service providers are always looking to expand their reach into up-and-coming access markets. The primary challenge common to both established and Greenfield operators is how to serve their underserved last mile commercial customers with cost-appealing efficiency and high performance.

RADWIN’s WinLink™ 1000 rises to the challenge on both counts. The point-to-point broadband wireless solution offers service providers the first truly compelling license-exempt solution for addressing SME connectivity challenges in the last-mile both in terms of price and performance.

A long-range and all-weather wireless system, WinLink™ 1000 performs flawlessly at a fraction of the cost of other available alternatives. It extends network reach and matches the demands of new and existing customers for high quality broadband access services. Moreover, the fact that the system comprises both Ethernet and TDM technologies, means that service providers can offer SME customers a highly flexible package from voice only, to data only, to bundled services.

WinLink 1000 allows traditional wireline operators to maintain their supremacy in the communications arena by allowing them to quickly expand to new voice and data markets from their existing points-of presence without incurring costly rollout investments. WinLink 1000 also presents an ideal temporary option for rolling out enhanced services in the last mile as the deployment of wireline infrastructure continues at its own pace.

For new entrants, deploying WinLink 1000 as an all-wireless or complementary wireless network is quick and painless with a great time-to-revenue ratio. It throws the door wide open for seizing last mile subscribers and generating new avenues for revenue. And since RADWIN’s solution supports both voice and data services (E1s connect the PBXs and Ethernet connects the routers to the service provider’s network), operators of all types and sizes can diversify their offering to meet their customers’ specific networking demands and budgetary considerations. WinLink 1000 also provides ample coverage, spanning distances of up to 80 Km/50 miles.

The WinLink™ 1000 Advantage

  • Unrivaled price – More competitive than any other wireline or wireless solution of similar performance levels.
  • Voice and Data solution- Delivers up to 4 E1/T1 ports and 2 Ethernet ports. A single link accounts for all your telephony and Internet access needs.
  • Carrier-grade performance - Low delay and a low bit error rate.
  • Long range – Up to 80 km/ 50 miles.
    Fast deployment – The link is established and running in just hours.
  • Reliable operation – Designed for robust performance in the harshest weather conditions and most rugged terrains.
  • Secure link – AES 128-bit key encryption scheme ensures that security is never compromised.
  • License-free equipment – Saves on regulatory approval and costs.
  • Pay-as-you-grow – No large advance infrastructure expenditures necessary. Purchase new equipment as you expand your customer base.


SME Wireless Access (Application Note)

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Delivering Broadband Access with RADWIN (Case Study - French)


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