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Enterprise Networking

Today’s expanding corporation often seeks to extend its network reach beyond the head office to other buildings, located both nearby and in more remote areas. Leasing a dedicated landline from a telecom provider is one avenue to pursue, but it translates into recurring monthly fees in the thousands of dollars and logistical headaches. Trenching fiber to connect two points is similarly expensive and often proves to be physically impossible to execute.

RADWIN’s WinLink™ 1000, offers enterprises the first truly high performance, cost-effective solution for their building-to-building connectivity needs. A long-range and all-weather wireless system, WinLink 1000 performs flawlessly in license-exempt bandwidth environments at a fraction of the cost of other wireline and wireless alternatives. It surmounts physical obstacles such as roads, highways and waterways to deliver carrier-grade E1/T1 and Ethernet services over a single, high-throughput link.

Investing in WinLink 1000 not only eliminates costly expenditures (land leasing contracts, trenching and construction costs, and truck rolls to name just a few) – it enables an enterprise to inexpensively own the means to deploy and control its network connectivity. And whether the missing piece in your enterprise networking puzzle is located miles away or just down the block, WinLink 1000 provides ample coverage, spanning distances of up to 80 Km/50 miles.

WinLink 1000 is uniquely designed to handle all voice and data traffic while being virtually maintenance-free. The solution seamlessly connects the telephony and computer networking systems in one building to those in another building, thus creating one physical private network over the airwaves. The PBXs are interconnected via E1/T1 interfaces (up to 4) and the routers are interconnected via Ethernet interfaces (up to 2).

Best of all, the robust plug-and-play solution can be installed in mere hours, and quickly and easily redeployed as an organization’s needs dictate.

The WinLink™ 1000 Advantage

  • Unrivaled price - More competitive than any other wireline or wireless transport solution of similar performance levels.
  • Carrier grade performance - No network downtime, ensuring 24/7 business continuity.
  • Voice and Data solution - Delivers up to 4 E1/T1 ports and 2 Ethernet ports. A single link accounts for all your telephony and data needs.
  • Compatibility - Easily interfaces with all standards-based enterprise communications equipment.
  • Long range - Up to 80 Km/ 50 miles.
  • Quick installation - Link is established and running in just hours.
  • Simple operation – Maintenance free; no learning curve.
  • Maximum reliability - Designed for robust performance in the harshest weather conditions and transmits faithfully over difficult terrain.
  • Security – AES 128-bit key encryption scheme guarantees optimal over-the-air security.
  • Pay-as-you-grow - No large advance infrastructure expenditures necessary. Purchase new equipment as your enterprise expands.


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