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Wireless networks can serve as an extension to a wired network and can be easily implemented to provide seamless connectivity to remote areas within a building.

Enterprise level APs enable IEEE 802.1x/RADIUS-authenticated and authorized users in organizations, enterprises, or public places to access network resources wirelessly. It communicates with a back-end RADIUS (Remote Authentication User Dial-In Service) server to see if a wireless user is allowed to access the wireless network. And with the sleek Web-based user interface, a non-technical user can easily and clearly manage the AP. Built-in SNMP protocol let MIS people more easy to manage and know the device satus.

Wireless Client Bridge is an Ethernet based Wireless Client adapter. It provides wireless connectivity when connected to Ethernet port of a PC. It is a driverless hardware & typically does not need any driver/software required to establish wireless Connectivity. Supplying power to a wireless advanced AP over an Ethernet cable (IEEE 802.3af compliant). This feature facilitates large-scale wireless LAN deployment.



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