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You can connect two or more buildings quickly and easily with no expensive, time-consuming cable installation and no monthly service fees (unlike leased 56K, ISDN or T1 lines). The wireless bridges establish radio links between two or more networks up to 25 km and transmit data between buildings faster than T1 lines allowing users to gain Internet access, email and network resources located in different buildings easily and efficiently.

In a campus environment or an environment with as few as two adjacent buildings, there may be a need to have the network users in each of the different buildings have direct access to the same computer network.In the past, this type of access and connectivity would be accomplished by running cables underground from one building to another or by renting expensive leased-lines from a local telephone company. Using wireless LAN technology, equipment can be installed easily and quickly to allow two or more buildings to be part of the same network without the expense of leased lines or the need to dig up the ground between buildings.

There are two different types of building-to-building connectivity. The first is called point-to-point (PTP), and the second is called point-to-multipoint (PTMP). Point-to-point links are wireless connections between only two buildings, Point-to-multipoint links are wireless connections between three or more buildings, typically implemented in a "hub and spoke" or star topological fashion, where one building is the central focus point of the network.

Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs) are now taking advantage of recent advancements in wireless technology to offer last mile data delivery service to their customers. "Last mile" refers to the communication infrastructure¡Xwired or wireless¡X that exists between the central office of the telecommunications company (telco) or cable company and the end user.



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