Cablefree 622 - Product Overview

Cablefree 622 Technical Data

Range CF200, CF500, CF1000, CF2000
Interfaces Various - 1Mbps to 622Mbps

Range Systems for 200m, 500m, 1km & 2km
Data rates supported 64kbps to 622Mbps
Unfaded Bit Error Rate Better than 1x10-10 at 622Mbps
Fade Margin >20dB to overcome fog, rain, snow or shimmer
Link Availability Between 99.7% and 99.999% depending on distance and location

Unit Specification:
Size 480 x 350 x 200mm
Weight 5kg
Unit Power Consumption 75W 24Vdc
External Power Supply 90 - 250V ac auto-ranging, 48V dc option
Operating Temperature -20 to 60ºC

Optical sub-systems:
Operating Wavelength 785nm
Filtering Infra-red filter removes interference from daylight
Beam divergence Factory-preset to 0.5º or 0.25º
Optical classification Eye-safety Class 1M to IEC825 -1

Alignment aids:
Alignment sight Mechanical ‘gun-sight’ for general alignment
RSSI meter 10-step signal strength meter and audible tone
FM audio 2-way ‘voice link’ for speech and RSSI tones

Data Formats:
Multi-E1 for network access Upgradable from 1x E1 to 4xE1 (external mux - 16x E1) 75ohm Coax or 120ohm UTP connectors
High capacity single channel E2, E3 and STM-1, STM-4 interfaces
Data Networking 10, 100Mbps Ethernet - UTP or Fibre optic interfaces, 10+E1/T1 and 100+E1/T1
Other formats Contact us for complete solutions

Accessories & options:
Installation Pan & Tilt mount, Wall, Tower, Pole & Tripod options
Diagnostics Bit-error-rate measurement, in-built system diagnostics, remote status monitoring
Software Comprehensive suite of software management tools


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